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EVERGREEN Green Tea Extract |Product line|shokakuen

EVERGREEN Green Tea Extract

  • Product entry
    > 20ℓ Bag-in box
  • Best-by date: 12 months
  • Storage condition: Room temperature
  • Batcha display example: Green tea

Some typical product examples using
EVERGREEN Green Tea Extract


PET bottled green tea


Comparison test images of color fading


Discoloration comparison test by heat between AQUOS-T and green tea

Testing conditions:
“Normal green tea” and “water mixed with 10% of the EVERGREEN Green Tea Extract ” were separately and continuously heated, and boiled at the same time, and discoloration changes were compared over time.



Are you not really using food additives or coloring agents ?

No, we are not using any food additives and coloring agents at all.
Also, no carry-overs or processing aids are in our EVERGREEN Green Tea Extract at all.

  • EVERGREEN Green Tea Extractis consisting of green tea and water.

What kinds of products is this Green Tea Extract best for ?

【About your use】
This Green Tea Extract AQUOS-T is the best for the following products:

  • Foods and beverages that require “high heat” at the time of processing

    or cooking.

  • Beverages that are bottled in transparent bottles and displayed and exposed by light in a showcase or on product shelves.
  • Foods with acidic pH values.
  • Foods or beverages for which you want to design products without using coloring agents.

Can I drink it normally ?

【About your use】
Of course, there is no problem with drinking.
Unlike matcha, which is drunk at a tea ceremony, the raw materials are selected assuming that they will be used for food purposes.
The raw tea leaves for this Green Tea Extract are selected with the balance of umami, sweetness, astringency, and bitterness, cost, and long-term stable supply in mind.

Tell me how to use it.

【About use】
Since this liquid is a dense green tea extract, it is recommended to dilute it before use.
We recommend to dilute 10 to 20 times as the dilution factor.

Are there any inclusions in this Green Tea Extract ?

【About product specificatins】
No, nothing is added or included in this product.

What is the packaging unit ?

【About product specifications】
The packaging unit of this product is 20-Liter bag-in-box / Carton.

Tell me about product specifications of it.

【About product specifications】

  • General viable bacteria count : 300 or less /g
  • Coliform: Negative /g
  • Fungi / yeasts: Negative /g

Do you pass the mesh strainer ?

【About product specifications】
We use the 400-mesh strainer to pass the liquid extract through when filling it.

Why is it resistant to color fading ?

【About color fading】
Because we are using our own proprietary manufacturing methods.
For details, please check this page.

Is it okay to display “Matcha” on a product label ?

【About display】
No, the display should be “ Green tea “.
This liquid green tea extract is extracted from tencha tea leaves which are raw materials of matcha.
Since it does not contain Matcha powder in it, it cannot be called and labeled “Matcha.”
If you want to use the notation of “Matcha” on your product label, use this green tea extract and little amount of matcha together to display “Green tea” and “Matcha” respectively.
By doing it, you can indicate on your product package that “Matcha” is included in it, etc.

Is it possible to indicate the country of origin or domestic place of origin ?

【About display】
Yes, you can.
Also, for the customers abroad, we can provide Certificate of Origin at the request.

Is it possible to store the green tea extract after opening it ?

【About storing】
Since it contains water, please use it up after opening.