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Product line|shokakuen

EVERGREEN Matcha Paste


It is a paste-like product that solves the problems of discoloration and color fading of matcha, which is manufactured by mixing matcha and water using our original manufacturing technology.

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EVERGREEN Matcha Powder


This is a product for which the paste type matcha is dried by the spray-drying method without using excipients, etc., and powdered like conventional matcha.

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EVERGREEN Green Tea Extract

EVERGREEN-Green tea extract

This is a liquid product that extracts green tea ingredients from Tencha tea leaves (materials of matcha)by applying the paste type matcha manufacturing method.

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Recommended type of Matcha by issue.

Issue This type is recommended
I don’t want or can’t use coloring agents in foods that use matcha     

Matcha fades and discolors due to heat during manufacturing food with matcha.

I think it can be solved with the ENERGREEN series.
We also have a track record of using in retort foods.

I want to prevent the powder of matcha from scattering.
The work space is cluttered with powder.
The workers suck matcha, and cough.

I want to eliminate the lumps of matcha
The Paste type has excellent dispersibility and can de used without lumps. 
I want to avoid precipitation
The Green Tea Extract type has almost no solids and no precipitation.