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EVERGREEN Matcha Powder |Product line|shokakuen

Matcha Powder

  • Product
    > 1㎏ Aluminum zipper bag × 25 / Carton,
    > 10kg Aluminum bag × 2 / Carton,
    > 25kg Aluminum bag × 1 / Carton
    are available.
  • Shelf life: 24 months
  • Storage method: Room temperature
  • Display example when used: Matcha

Comparison of EVERGREEN Matcha with general food
processing matcha and matcha with chlorella

  Intermediate grade matcha for food processing (※1)

Matcha with chlorella

Matcha Powder

Prevention of color fading

No 1/2 – No
Effect is limited
Flavor Yes!!!! – Yes There is a flavor
peculiar to chlorella
Yes – 1/2
Umami / Sweetness Yes 1/2 1/2
Astringency / Bitterness 1/2 1/2 Yes
Shelf life 6month 6month 24month
Storing method Refrigeration Refrigeration At normal temperature
General viable bacteria count 3000 or less /g 3000 or less /g 300 or less /g
Colifoms Negative /g Negative /g Negative /g
Molds / Yeasts
300 or less /g 300 or less /g Negative /g

Example of product label display

Matcha Matcha, Chlorella Matcha

(※1)is our in-house low-bacterial matcha and (※2) is our in-house matcha with chlorella.

Some typical product examples using the EVERGREEN
Matcha Powder


Roasted soybean flour with matcha and sugar


Comparison test images of color fading


Color fading progress comparison test data for "Matcha cookie"

  • Baking conditions: 20 minutes in an oven at 200
  • Testing conditions: The comparison tests during the period were conducted at room temperature under fluorescent lighting at an illuminance of 1500 lux.
  • Added % of matcha: The proportions of each matcha added to the whole cookie dough are as follows:

    1. EVERGREEN Matcha Paste (5%) 
    2. EVERGREEN Matcha Powder (1%) 
    3. Ordinary conventional matcha (1%)


Are you not really using food additives or coloring agents ?

No, we are not using any food additives and coloring agents at all.
Also, no carry-overs or processing aids are in our EVERGREEN Matcha at all.

  • EVERGREEN Matcha Powder is consisting of only matcha.

Are there any particle sizes which are suitable or not suitable for certain foods ?

【About your use】
Ultra-fine particle typed matcha is suitable for those who are thinking of developing foods with a smooth texture.

Examples: We have usage records that ultrafine particle matcha has been preferably used for chocolates, candies, creams, and beverages.

What kinds of products is this Matcha Powder best for ?

【About your use】
This Matcha Powder is the best for the following products:

  • Foods that require “high heat” at the time of processing or cooking.
  • Foods that are wrapped in transparent packaging materials and displayed and exposed by light in a showcase or on product shelves.
  • Foods with acidic pH values.
  • Foods for which you want to design products without using coloring agents.

What should I do if the matcha becomes lumpy ?

【About your use】
Because of the physical characteristics of matcha powder, it becomes lumpy due to static electricity and vibration.
It is recommended to use the matcha by filtering it with a mesh (sieve) such as a tea strainer and so on.

Is it soluble in water or hot water? Will it dissolve ?

【About your use】
Matcha does not completely dissolve due to its physical characteristics.
When the container is stationary, it will settle.

Can I drink it normarlly ?

【About use】
Of course, there is no problem with drinking.
Unlike matcha, which is drunk at a tea ceremony, the raw materials are selected assuming that they will be used for food purposes.
The raw tea leaves for this Matcha are selected with the balance of umami, sweetness, astringency, and bitterness, cost, and long-term stable supply in mind.

Tell me how to store it ?

【About your use】
It can be stored at room temperature. (Refrigeration recommended.)
We believe that there is no problem with frozen storage.
However, since matcha absorbs condensation and forms lumps, and matcha may lose its flavor or damage its quality due to oxidation, we recommend you return the package to room temperature before opening it after frozen storage
In addition, it is desirable to prevent “moisture and scent transfer ” after opening.
Sufficiently remove the air from inside of the bag and securely close the bag chuck part for storage.

What are the packaging units ?

【About product specifications】

> 1㎏ Aluminum zipper bag × 25 / Carton,
> 10kg Aluminum bag × 2 / Carton,
> 25kg Aluminum bag × 1 / Carton
are available.


Are there any inclusions in this Matcha Powder ?

【About product specifications】
1 piece of deoxidizer is included in 1㎏ Aluminum zipper bag to maintain its quality.
We can also handle unenclosed items at the request of users.
Please contact our sales office for details.
Deoxidizers are not included in the large-capacity bags such as 10kg and 25kg bags because it is difficult for the operators to find and remove them from the bags before using the Matcha.

Please tell me the product specifications.

【About product specifications】

  • General viable bacteria count : 300 or less /g
  • Coliform: Negative /g
  • Fungi / yeasts: Negative /g

What is the particle size information of the Matcha Powder ?

【About product specifications】
When manufacturing, normally our matcha powder passes through 120-mesh sieve and ultrafine particle Matcha Powder passes through 300-mesh sieve.
Particle size measurement is carried out for each production lot.

Why is it resistant to color fading ?

【About color fading】
Because we are using our own proprietary manufacturing methods.
For details, please check this page.

Is it possible to indicate the country of origin ?

【About display】
Yes, you can.
In addition to the regional brand “Nishio Matcha”, we have the product lineup of “Uji Matcha”, “Shizuoka Matcha” and “Yame Matcha”.

Is it okay to display “matcha” on a product label ?

【About display】
There is no problem with displaying “Matcha”.