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EVERGREEN Matcha Paste |Product line|shokakuen

Matcha Paste

  • Packaging unit:
    > 1㎏ Aluminum bag×20/Carton,
    but depending on the product,
    > 4㎏ Aluminum bag × 5/Carton
    are also available.
  • Shelf life: 24 months
  • Storage method: Room temperature
  • Example of label display: Matcha
  • Composition of the product:
    Water: 78.0%, Matcha:22.0%

    ※Please use up after opening the bag.

Typical product examples using the EVERGREEN
Matcha Paste


Bean paste with Matcha


Pudding made from arrowroot
powder, sugar and water


Are you not really using food additives or coloring agents ?

No, we are not using any food additives and coloring agents at all.
Also, no carry-overs or processing aids are in our EVERGREEN Matcha at all.

  • EVERGREEN Matcha Paste is consisting of only matcha and water.

What kinds of products is this Matcha Paste best for ?

This Matcha Paste is the best for the following products:

  • Foods that require “high heat” at the time of processing or cooking.
  • Foods that are wrapped in transparent packaging materials and displayed and exposed by light in a showcase or on product shelves.
  • Foods with acidic pH values.
  • Foods for which you want to design products without using coloring agents.

    Due to its characteristics, this matcha paste is also suitable for those who desire the following operational benefits.

  • I want to prevent powder from scattering when handling.
  • I want to eliminate matcha lumps when mixing with ingredients containing water.
  • I want to mix well with powdered ingredients.

How much matcha paste do I have to use ?

【About usage】
Please use the Matcha Paste equivalent to 4.5% of the total amount of the food as a guide.
The raw material composition of the Matcha Paste is 78.0% water and 22.0% matcha.
Since 22% of the matcha paste used as an amount equivalent to 4.5% of the total amount of food is matcha ingredient, the amount of net matcha used is about 1%.
※4.5% X 22%=about 1%

Please adjust your favorite color tone and flavor by increasing or decreasing the amount of the matcha Paste used.

How to store the Matcha Paste after opening it ?

【About your use】
Since it contains water, please “use up” after opening.
If it is difficult to use it up, we recommend you to use EVERGREEN Matcha Powder.

There were small lumps in the Matcha Paste,
what are these?

【About your use】
The small lumps in the Matcha Paste are lumps of “matcha”.
Those are not pieces of tea leaves or impure foreign substances.

These lumps are generated in a small amount during the retort sterilization process after filling an aluminum bag with the matcha paste.
Due to the physical characteristics of the paste, it is impossible to completely remove air slightly remaining inside of the bag after filling the Matcha Paste, and it is thought that a small air layer generated inside the bag is the cause of formation of the small lumps.

In the case of “kneading” for cakes and breads, the lumps are easily decomposed.
However, if there is no strong kneading process or if the paste is mixed with soft raw materials, small lumps may look like foreign substances when the paste is made into a product.
As a solution, it is recommended that you “rub well” before opening and “filter” with a mesh if necessary.

Can I drink it normally ?

【About use】
Of course, there is no problem with drinking.
Unlike matcha, which is drunk at a tea ceremony, the raw materials are selected assuming that they will be used for food purposes.
The raw tea leaves for this Matcha Paste are selected with the balance of umami, sweetness, astringency, and bitterness, cost, and long-term stable supply in mind.

What is the water content of matcha paste ?

【About product specifications】
Its raw material composition is 78.0% water and 22.0% matcha.

What is the particle size information of the Matcha Paste ?

【About product specifications】
When manufacturing, matcha powder is passed through 120-mesh sieve and ​the Matcha Paste is filled in an Aluminum bag after passing through 32-mesh strainer.

Tell me about the information on packaging unit ?

【About product specifications】
1㎏ Aluminum bag X 20 / Carton, but depending on the product, and
4㎏ Aluminum bag X 5 / Carton are also available.

Are there any additional inclusions in the Matcha Paste ?

【About product specifications】
No, nothing is added in the Matcha Paste.

Please tell me the product specifications.

【About product specifications】

  • General viable count : 300 or less /g
  • Coliform: Negative /g
  • Fungi / yeasts: Negative /g

    The Matcha Paste is retort-sterilized at 121°C for 20 minutes.

Why is it resistant to color fading ?

【About color fading】
Because we are using our own proprietary manufacturing methods.
For details, please check this page.

I understand it is resistant to color fading, but are there any weaknesses of this product ?

【About color fading】
After the ingredients are mixed, foods whose dough is alkaline before heating may cause discoloring or color fading problems.
For details, please refer here.

Is it okay to display “Matcha” on a product label ?

【About display】
There is no problem with displaying “Matcha”.

Is it possible to indicate the country of origin ?

【About display】
Yes, you can.
In addition to the regional brand “Nishio Matcha”, we have the product lineup of “Uji Matcha”, “Shizuoka Matcha” and “Yame Matcha”.

How to store it ? Can it be stored frozen ?

It can be stored at room temperature. (Refrigeration recommended.)
Regarding frozen storage, there are unclear points such as what kind of effects will occur when the frozen matcha paste is used for the product.
We have not verified and confirmed whether the composition of matcha or the Matcha Paste has changed after freezing it and defrosting it later.